I made a tutorial in video and text article how to stake PHA on Phala App

Hello PHAmily, my name is Paulo Zago and i´m a member of the Community of the Dotsama Ecosystem portuguese .

I made a tutorial showing how to stake PHA tokens in Phala App.

In this video I show important things like:

Introduction to Phala Network

Introduction and difference between Proof of work and proof of stake

Phala Network App Overview

Search and choose a validator in the app

How to stake PHA tokens

How to claim your rewards

How to withdraw your stake

Difference between commission and APR

How to view your address on substrate

How to send your PHA tokens from CEX to your wallet

Phala Network Wiki

How to search for a validator in Substrate polkadot.js

Validator search at Phala Stats

Phala Forum: https://forum.phala.network/

The video is available here: How to stake PHA tokens on the Khala Network Phala canary network

The text article on Medium is available here: Ganhe uma renda passiva fazendo staking de tokens PHA | by Paulo Zago | Feb, 2022 | Medium

Thanks for the support , team community and council .


Great Job Paulo,

your channel is definitely the best place to get useful tips about Phala!
Will stay tuned.

Keep good work