Import failed: Backend error: Can't canonicalize missing block number

after a full sync fo the node (Khala and Kusama) I’m stuck at block #1473802 of khala.
I tried to restart the node and the worker too without success.
Looking to the node logs i see the error message below:

phala-node | 2022-04-18 09:12:45 [Parachain] :broken_heart: Error importing block 0x63e6ce2a71cd02f585aea68c80e372d2e9c37ec0d8b6f4a13d5f0624d2aa24b1: consensus error: Import failed: Backend error: Can’t canonicalize missing block number #1473803 when importing 0x63e6ce2a71cd02f585aea68c80e372d2e9c37ec0d8b6f4a13d5f0624d2aa24b1 (#1477899)

The sync is stuck at this point from 2 days and I’m using the solo-mining-script configuration.
Any suggestion about what I can do?