Can't send any order (claim, withdraw...)

I’m experiencing a recurrent bug as a delegator as I can no longer execute any transaction (i.e. Claim. Withdraw…). I actually manage to complete the process up to the final authorization via my polkadot wallet but after signing nothing would happen though, not even a single information/error message.

I’ve spent several weeks now with my assets blocked which is very annoying and actually not acceptable.

The Help Center that I have contacted several time is not responding at all.

ID: 42XpPzk7Lpvic5Nbj1CS72mXnK4MxzZT3tboNqCBDkvFwHP3

Thanks for helping out.

Sorry, your description is not enough to help us locate the problem, can you take a screenshot or a video?


Thanks for your message!
I found the cause at last!
It’s just that I had not enough PHA on my account balance to pay the transaction fee!
I’ve just transfered more PHA from another account and then the transactions eventually passed.
What’s really annoying is:
1 - that there is no warning message about that
2- … and that the fee can’t be taken from the claimed amount!


sorry for the bad experience. we documented this issue. I think adding an error is a more general way
thanks for your feedback