Mining Tools Tutorial

Thanks to the efforts of community member @l00k#1990 and Korean Ambassador @KyleYoon#3912, they have made two excellent tools for the community:

Now, our community manager Rhee made a video tutorial for community to understand the tools easier. This ten minutes of video must greatly improve your mining experience.

Video Resources

Tools’ Features Introduction

Miners can check and monitor the status of StakePools and workers through these tools. Delegators can use them to screen StakePools, to delegate, and monitor APR. In addition, there is a very detailed calculator in Khala Watchdog.

Khala Watchdog

Link: Khala (Phala on Kusama) Network Tools

  • Alternative StakePool filtering and sorting options. Delegators can choose how to filter the stakepool based on different preferences. A bad behaviors label is added to help delegators avoid risks.

  • A Calculator with lots of detail points. No matter how the user start mining Phala, it can calculate the rewards as a miner and the corresponding APR of the delegators by entering various cost information.

  • Watchdog on Discord can send reminders from the following aspects and it can be configured from the perspective of both Poolowners and Delegators. The reminder will be sent directly to the discord account in the form of a message.

Phala status check bot

Link: Telegram: Contact @phala_stat_bot


What’s Else

The Analytics page on Phala APP (Analytics | Phala App) has been upgraded since Gemini Tokenomics update, and data is presented from multiple perspectives such as Worker, Delegator, and StakePool. The data will be continuously updated and upgraded.
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