How to apply for verification Khala ID?

Before start

If you are learning about how to set up ID or verification for Khala, this wiki can help you understand the on-chain ID system.

  • You don’t need to follow any rules if you don’t need a judgment
  • Judgement is very helpful when you want to propose into governance/run for a council member / be trusty on mining pools.

This doc is just a guidebook for the JUDGEMENT process with Registrar-0: Marvin Tong
Each Registrar could have his/her own rules. Here’s the one for me:

Step-1: Set up your on-chain id

  • Please at least fill 2 social accounts from the following: Email, Twitter, Element/discord, website…Only Email is not gonna work for this.
  • Names are not allowed with any shill words, like “best pool”, “high APR”, “不改commission”…You can have your brand as a key name, but please don’t oversell
  • When the brand name have conflict with others or is suspicious, I will require more materials to make the judgment.

Step-2: Requesting a Judgement from blockchain

  • Open Polkadot.js
  • Choose: Develper/ extrinsics / request_Judgement
  • RegistrarIndex: 0
  • maxFee: 5
  • Apply

Step-3: Contact with Registrar

After you finish step-1 and 2, please send an email to inform me:

  • Email Title: Apply for ID judgment (fill in your display name)
  • Email content (sample):

  "account": "42McARWf3FMrGa2RnhhVansbCHuRktiiyHpjsW5nDkDefwHr",
  "display": "Marvin Tong",
  "web": "",
  "email": "[email protected]"
  "twitter": ""

I will check, if there’s nothing wrong, your ID will be finished in 48 hours.
If there’s something wrong, I’ll contact with you with challenges.

How to be a Registrar?

To become a registrar, submit a pre-image and proposal into Democracy, then wait for people to vote on it. For best results, write a post about your identity and intentions beforehand, and once the proposal is in the queue ask people to endorse it so that it gets ahead in the referendum queue.

Here’s how to submit a proposal to become a registrar:

Go to the Democracy tab, select “Submit preimage”, and input the information for this motion - notably which account you’re nominating to be a registrar in the identity.setRegistrar function.

Copy the preimage hash. In the above image, that’s 0x90a1b2f648fc4eaff4f236b9af9ead77c89ecac953225c5fafb069d27b7131b7. Submit the preimage by signing a transaction.

Next, select “Submit Proposal” and enter the previously copied preimage hash. The locked balance field needs some PHA. You can find out the minimum by querying the chain state under Chain State → Constants → democracy → minimumDeposit.

At this point, PHA holders can endorse the motion. With enough endorsements, the motion will become a referendum, which is then voted on. If it passes, users will be able to request judgment from this registrar.


maxfee 5000000000000 ?

5 + 0*12

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스크린샷 2022-05-19 오후 8.56.51

Did I pass identity verification?

Hi, Marvin!
I am trying to follow your instruction, but there is no request_Judgement
Is choice on screenshort right one?


Yeah this is the one.
On right side you can see requestJudgement

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