Runtime V1131 Bug Mortem Report and discussion post

On May 2, the Runtime v1131 upgrade introduced a critical bug in #1548359, fixed in #1549666. As a result, all miners cannot get rewards and stop/restart the miners during the process.

The following are two questions from the Phala team about this bug and hope you can participate in the thinking and discussion. And ask the community for advice in deciding whether the treasury will reissue the corresponding amount of rewards to the affected mining pools.

  • As a decentralized cloud computing project, Phala Network, is it the same as one in the service industry, miners obtain rewards by providing cloud computing power where the economic model pays for the services of miners? Or, as a project participant, participate in constructing an excellent project? It is inevitable to encounter some technical failures and bugs during project development. Miners suffer when a similar problem to the bug introduced above occurs. As participants in the project, are they obligated to bear the consequences of these issues?
  • At present, the technic can only realize the reissue of the reward for the stake pool. After the reissue, the reward will be redistributed based on the real-time stake pool commission and delegation amount. This must be different from the real state when the bug occurs, and there may even be room for cheating or arbitrage. It may be far from the fairness we hope for. In such a case, should a reissue be executed?

Please note that this is not a proposal. We want to give the power of proposal initiation to the community. Every community member has the right to apply for proposals and vote on them.

We have counted the mining reward list of all affected stake pools and workers during the process of the problem, and here is the detailed list.
Link: List of undistributed awards.

Welcome community members to comment or add other issues actively. Community members who wish to reissue rewards can post a proposal, and everyone can vote for it.

Regardless of whether or not to reissue the reward, the Phala team had prepared the code for the reissue of the reward. Then, after the (potential) proposal voting result is produced, we will operate with the final result.