ANN | Phala (ERC-20) Parachain Slot Auctions Allocation Migration Announcement

Dear Phamily:

The Phala team completed a migration that contained 38million PHA from Ethereum to Phala’s smart contract bridge - SubBridge, on August 29, 2022 (SGT) . The details are below:

Phala Token Allocation for parachain slot auctions previously had 38 million ERC-20 PHA frozen in 0x38ac21e6e82b07917f661344342a06898f0882a8.

As Phala’s smart contract bridge - SubBridge is becoming more functional, and the Phala - Ethereum bridge is about to open, we have decided to transfer the remaining 38 million $PHA to the bridge for management.

  1. Transferred 38 million PHA from 0x38ac21e6e82b07917f661344342a06898f0882a8 to 0x775946638C9341a48CcF65E46B73367d0AbA2616

  2. Sent all the PHA from 0x775946638C9341a48CcF65E46B73367d0AbA2616 to Phala bridge contract address

For now, you can check the balance of the Phala - Ethereum bridge via visiting Subscan. Following this migration, Phala will open the transfer function between Phala and Ethereum on SubBridge soon.