If you have not received delegation PHA after the withdraw period ended (не пришли токены после withdraw)

Next algorithm works fine for me.

  1. to check state go to My Delegate>click on Pid your delegated to

  2. scroll down to Withdraw Queue and find your account address (you can use Ctrl+F for Windows and put first 5-6 sign of your address)

  3. the result looks like this: latest date 26.09.2022

  4. If this date is gone, try to make a reclaim.
    the easiest way to do it. Go to Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

4.1 chose at “Module” - phalastakepool and at “Call” - remove_worker

4.2 copy and past to “Account” account of pid you delegated to (can be found under “owner” tab at “My Delegate”). To see details click on menu (1)

4.3 Copy and past worker`s Pid and 0x….to .js (Developer>Extrinsics) as well as choose rest options as shown in the picture. Sign it.

4.4 If needed repeat with other worker`s keys 0x….