New council candidate introduction - Cappex

Hi guys, with this message I submit my candidature for the Phala Council.

I am very passionate about technology, I am very curious about the potential of Web3 technology and I want to be an active part of this growth and adoption process. I also love sport, freedom, I am a father, husband and dreamer.

I have been a member of the Phala community for over a year because I share an interest in privacy and the need to build decentralised foundations to support the spread of Web3 innovations such as DeFi, Metaverse, NFT and freedom of expression.

I was awarded the role of Senior Ambassador for my ongoing commitment, I spend a lot of time moderating discord and telegram chat providing content requested by the community, I also create informative content that I share via my twitter account cryptocappex

I am passionate about Phala’s mission and I think I have accumulated some experience, I believe I can represent the community, new users and ambassadors.

I accept the challenge by running for a seat on the council, I will do my best.

thank you