New council candidate introduction - TucuMAN.phala

Dear Khala/Phala Community,
We are Tucumán.Phala, with great pleasure we present ourselves as a candidate for the governing council.
From South America, more precisely Argentina, we form a work team committed to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, we firmly believe that web 3.0 is the future and Khala/Phala will be an important pillar in that construction of which we want to be an active part. We took a step in that direction with our pool “Tucuman.phala” which was set up entirely with our own capital and we invite you to see it on our Twitter, we participate in social networks and we have an ambassador (jeretucu) of Phala in Spanish in our working group to bring Phala’s message to all people.
We see decentralization as a fundamental axis of this ecosystem and we consider making ourselves available by occupying a place on the governing council, representing the southern hemisphere of the American continent for the entire Spanish-speaking public in the world.
Let’s make the government of Phala Netwok more open and distributed, count on us to achieve it!

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