Tip proposal - PhaBot: a tool to auto-compound for stake account, and auto-restart worker for pool mining account

Hi Phala Community,
Phabot is a nodejs script that automatically compound interests of a staking account by claiming and restaking rewards,
It can also restart a Phala mining worker with the highest amount available

It can be used by miner to maximize the APR of their pool, or simply by a stake account to auto-compound interests

see github below
any suggestion for improvement is welcome


Hello, thanks for this script
If I understand well, I can use it just for compound, by launching these commands
phabot --claim && phabot --stake
I don’t run a miner so I don’t need the restart command


yes you can use only ‘claim’ and ‘stake’ alone, no pb!

@sjeverest @fkad there is a new version with proxy tx, check it out on github