The minting process of shell NFT comes in two major stages, which are the pre-minting process and the main printing process.

Pre-minting process
These are the steps that have to be taken before the user can mint the Phala World shell NFT.
• Create a Khala account. You can do this using Polkadot extension wallet.

• Deposit PHA tokens. There is a minimum amount of about 500 K-PHA required to mint the shell NFTs depending on the category you’d be minting. Check this out for the full list.

• Claim the Spirit NFT. Claiming the spirit NFT is free as long as you have about 10PHA in your connected wallet. After you claim the Spirit NFT, the next step is to alter the attributes.

• The next step is to confirm if the user’s account has been added to the whitelist.
Once you’ve been added to the whitelist, you’d recieve a badge but even if you aren’t lucky enough to be among the whitelisted, you can still participate in the public mint which begins 4th November!

Minting Process
This is the stage that the user has to follow to mint their shell NFT.
• Link a wallet to the account.
• After that, go to the Mint Shell page.
• Choose the rarity level that you want, as well as other criteria. At this point, you can see the total number of shell NFTs that have been previously minted.
• Choose the species that you want and their careers.
• Verify the shell NFT because once payment is made, it can’t be altered.
• Once this is done, the next thing is to mint the shell NFT.
Note that there are different types of shell NFTs that the user can choose from based on different criteria. The available shell NFTs are Legendary and Magic NFTs, as well as the Prime Edition Shell. Their minting conditions are different. The Prime Edition Shell can either be minted at the whitelist stage or the public stage. The latter needs pre-order. Having a whitelist allows the user to decide before anyone else. It is advisable to be patient while making decisions.

Enjoy your newly acquired Shell NFT!