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[Screenshot] - Which will be very helpful for us to understand your situation :)
[Description] - As much detail as you can (from which step or which moment it starts to go wrong)
[When did it happen] - The first time it happens
[How long did it last] - Did it repeat or Is it still the same situation
[Environment] - Computer/Mobile, Testnet/Linux

After posting, please send your post link to @lucia5544 in Telegram: Contact @phalanetwork

Hello Phala team.
I mistakenly sent my Phala tokens to a Kusama network address of Kraken. Kraken does not support tokens sent from DOT Phala address to them. Can someone help? This was the address it was sent from 45qdCy3NuPAiVtkfUUj5eovh3QonzTND4iX2wdNiLo4KBqxf. Thanks for the help