Registration Error When Setting up Gatekeeper Node


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Hi Team, please help me setup my gate keeper node. It looks like i am having trouble registering the tee. and above is the screenshot

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Guys , please respond to my issue

Hey, do you have some testnet token in your controller account?

yes i do . here is my address

Sorry for the late reply. I just checked the TEE registration transaction here:

It shows:


So I copy & paste the “report” field (hex data) to an online converter.

Notice that “isvEnclaveQuoteStatus” shows “SW_HARDENING_NEEDED”. According to Intel’s manual, it means your configuration is affected by the hardware vulnerability intel-sa-00334. The second link shows that you may need to upgrade to the latest PSW (a component of the SGX driver).

So my suggestion is to uninstall the current SGX driver and install the latest one. Please let me know if it can fix the problem.