Transfered accidently my PHA to a ledger address! now they are locked forever?

Hello Phala-Forum!

I bridged my PHA from Ethereum to the Kusama Parachain, on my Ledger-Kusama-Address.
Now they sit on my address, but I can move them, because Ledger cant sign Kusama-Phala-transactions.
I did that more than a year ago, when the warning “not to bridge to a hardwarewallet” was not visible yet.

The good thing is, that it is not a very very big amount of funds. I can risk to enter my ledger-seed into a normal online computer. I did that and entered my ledger-seed in the

Sadly the Kusamaaddress I get is not the same like the Kusamaaddress that my ledger generated.
I think its a question of finding the right “derivation path”. The seed works 100% perfect, but the Address I get is the wrong one. So I cant move my funds.

Is there a way to fix my problem an move my PHAs on the blockchain?
… or do I have to wait until ledger supports the Kusama-Khala-Parachain?

Thanks for your answer! Robert

Looks like the Ledger derivation path is 44’/354’/0’/0’/0’ for Kusama (and therefore Khala)