What if I accidentally send some X token to the Phala ERC20 token contract account on Ethereum

Sorry to hear that, but if you transferred anything into a contract account there’s nearly 0 possibility you can take it back… The team can’t control the contract account because this is the natural of Ethereum contracts, and the contract is immutable that we cannot make any change to it. Almost all the ERC20 contracts work in this way.

Technically if we can forecast someone will send some tokens to our contract before we deploy the contract, we can add some logic to deal with it in some way. However it also means introducing more potential security vulnerability. Also there are an unlimited number of ways to abuse the Ethereum contracts. We cannot cover all of them.

An exception is PHA token. We will have a bridge to swap ERC20 PHA to mainnet PHA in the future. On the mainnet we will have on-chain governance, which in theory can recover PHA with the approval of the community (by referenda or the council’s decision). However, DO NOT do that intentionally, because it’s not up to the team to make the decision, and we cannot guarantee the funds can be recovered.

I hope you understand it.

I send btcb to this address from phala 0x6c5bA91642F10282b576d91922Ae6448C9d52f4E through the binance smart chain and i van even see my money in the phala wallet under the binance smart chain. Could you add the binance smart chain to your wallet and then just send the money back and delete the binance smart chain again. I dont understand why this wouldnt work, i litterally tell you how to do it so why wont you be able to send it back. I hope you can do it. Greetings Kelvin Gevers

this is your wallet under the binance smart chain where i can see my 58 dollars, pleeeaaasssee

It is a Contract, not an Account, although the two kinds of things all have an address and they look similar.

A contract is not controlled by anyone. There’s no private key to control a contract. So even we want to help, but there’s no way to “import the privkey to some wallet”. Sorry to hear that.

Dear Phala team,
Mine is ever worse, I really messed it up today. I accidentally send 1750 PHA to the contract address.
Any way to get them back?


Thanks a lot!

Now when Khala is live it may be possible. However you would need to prepare referendum and describe your situation on forum.

Hey, I mistakenly sent my Phala tokens to a Kusama network address of Kraken. Kraken does not support tokens sent from DOT Phala address to them. Can someone help? This was the address it was sent from 45qdCy3NuPAiVtkfUUj5eovh3QonzTND4iX2wdNiLo4KBqxf. Thanks for the help