30 PHA | Miner Hardware Configuration Bounty 2.0


Given that Phala is a blockchain network constructed by SGX (the TEE enclave of Intel), each miner node has to be SGX-supported, which means it has to run on a mainboard carrying SGX-supported CPUs which can be successfully enabled by SGX drivers.

What is Phala Network

Thus the verification of the configuration required as above costs unlimited time and efforts, as types and configurations of mainboards can be unlimited as well. Thus we set up this test to collect details of CPUs, mainboards and help the beginners to better consider whether they should join Phala or what might be the cost if they joined Phala.


  1. Follow the steps below to run a program to submit your CPU & mainboard configuration after setting up a Phala miner node successfully.
  2. Only the very first one of a certain type of mainboard submitted can its owner win the rewards.

If User A submitted ASUS B365 a few minutes earlier than User B, only User A would receive the rewards.


  1. Download this file
  2. Run the commands as below
    sudo chmod +x reportsystemlog.sh
    sudo ./reportsystemlog.sh
  3. Submit a screenshot containing {"ok":true,"path":"/files/systemlogxxxxxxxxxx.tar"} at https://forms.gle/gCSPCR773VTyjnBs5 (and please do leave your Discord username with it).

Type List

After your device is verified as an SGX-abled device, it will be added into the public sheet down below:


30 PHA/type, which will be distributed after Phala pre-mainnet Darth Vader is live.

If your device has participated in SGX test bounty 1.0 before, you can still participate in this one if your device has set up a miner node successfully.

Tech Support

#! /bin/bash
mkdir systemlog
ti=$(date +%s)
dmidecode > ./systemlog/system$ti.inf
docker logs phala-node --tail 1000 > ./systemlog/node$ti.inf
docker logs phala-phost --tail 1000 > ./systemlog/phost$ti.inf
docker logs phala-pruntime --tail 1000 > ./systemlog/pruntime$ti.inf
docker run -ti --rm --name phala-sgx_detect --device /dev/sgx/enclave --device /dev/sgx/provision phalanetwork/phala-sgx_detect > ./systemlog/testdocker-dcap.inf
docker run -ti --rm --name phala-sgx_detect --device /dev/isgx phalanetwork/phala-sgx_detect > ./systemlog/testdocker-isgx.inf
tar -cf systemlog$ti.tar systemlog/*
fln=“[email protected]”$ti".tar"
echo $fln
sleep 10
curl -F $fln
rm ./systemlog$ti.tar
rm -r systemlog