🤖🤖 Phala PC Case Mod Contest

During the Phala Vendetta testnet, miners kept showing off carefully-designed and painstakingly-assembled cases. Some of you are serious about your cases. We love it.

So Phala is holding a “Phala PC Case Mod Contest” to give every mining modder a chance to show off their most excellent builds to the community! We’ve set up two award pools in this competition, totaling 1000+ PHA in awards.

Does your custom case show off your love of privacy? Your dedication to security? Does it just look really cool and fit with the Phala Network design themes?

Update your builds! Show them off! Get featured by Phala Network and win prizes!


Eligible users: Phala miners and potential miners.

Hardware standard: The build must pass the Mining Hardware Configuration 2.0 test and be verified as a device that can actually be used for Phala mining.

Work requirements: Must make at least one mod to the chassis (we know what stock looks like.)

Selection: The Phala team will add passing builds to this post every week, and users can vote for the builds they like right away. So the sooner you submit, the easier it is to get more votes!

Awards : The Phala Jury will select and qualify the top 13 modders for Phamily awards. The Special Awards will be reviewed and approved by the Phala Jury and then released into public voting. The final winning order will be based on the number of votes.

Time : The deadline for submissions will be before the official launch of the Phala Pre-Mainnet, with notification one week in advance.

Boost: Modders can leave a message at the bottom of this post to explain or lobby for their builds. Participants are also encouraged to post directly in the Community-Event category in the Forum to highlight and promote their mods. (Please tag your post with pc-case-mod).


Phamily Awards

Awards Ranking Rewards
Mod God Award 1 600 PHA
Machine King Awards 2 125 PHA
Phamily Phun! 5 40 PHA

About Special Awards:
Are you Special? These awards are here for users who go the extra mile, especially with customized mods for Phala, such as Phala-themed water coolers, adding an attached screen, synchronizing miner data on the screen… Eligible mods for these awards must fully open-source the software and the hardware, and will enter for public voting after passing the Phala jury.

How to submit

  1. Get your “Mining Hardware Configuration” report. Only passing reports can make your build eligible. How to: https://forum.phala.network/t/30-pha-2-0/1279
  2. Go to the registration link https://forms.gle/7VW3rRTaPrmXZr6x9, upload your passing report, upload case photos (all sides), and introduce us to your build. Tell us what makes yours great.
  3. Note whether you’re submitting for Special Rewards in the registration form.


1 Mine Power Awakening Report
2 Photos of the four sides of the case
3 Introduction to the modification part-advantages, configuration, how to buy (example:)
a. Squeezing space to the max, I chose mini-itx motherboard and micro chassis, so I can fit more mining machines; who doesn’t want more miners?
b. I added light contrast and water cooling, so even crammed tight, it can look cool and run cool
c. Equipped with a 3080 graphics card that’s 5 times more expensive than the CPU - I can mine Ethereum while mining Phala
d.1T ahrd drive, the read and write is slow, but leaves more money for memory
e. Gotta use that Phall yellow for those attention-grabbing eyes
f. Handle for easy moving. I don’t know why. It’s just cool.
g. You can search for xxxx to buy [this], xxxx for [this], and xxxx for [this], or use the parts list [here].

:warning: :warning: Only submit original work. Fakes, pShops, and copycats will be disqualified.

Support Us

We have received excellent works from modders, and we think it’s time to increase our personal rewards!
We have integrated the two rewards into one reward, and will increase the rewards for each ranking to encourage modders to participate more actively in the event!

Awards Ranking Rewards
Mod God Award 1 600 PHA
Machine King Awards 2 125 PHA
Phamily Phun! 5 40 PHA

:sunglasses: Modder: Lamherz

IMPORTANT: I have made a video demonstration that is much better than the photos to show the case, because there are a lot of animated parts and details that can’t be seen in only 10 photos.
I uploaded the video on Youtube :

Modification advantage

The Lonherz Kernel Phala Edition case is a built-from-scratch PC case, all crafted and built by hand using only hand tools.
The theme of this case is the cyberworld, with enlighted engravings of circuits, chips, and geometric shapes.
It is made mainly of transparent polycarbonate for the walls and the internal structure, and stainless steel for the base. I handmade every component of the case structure, in particular I engraved all by hand some drawings on the transparent pieces, and the engravings are enlighted with a lot of individually addressable LED strips.
The main lightning color is the “Phala green” (set to keyboard and mouse too), but is possible to switch to any other color (in photos and video I have used also normal green and blue).
The case size is quite big (it is about 95x45cm, and 60cm high), and the shape is very particular: it is designed to host the PC monitor inside the encumbrance of the case, obtaining a single block that includes the whole computer and the monitor.
The shape of the case is the union of two pyramid sections: a taller and narrower one, placed to the left of the screen, and a lower and wider one placed behind the screen.

Configuration description

The PC has this components:

  • CPU Intel Core i5 10400f
  • Graphic card Nvidia GTX 1080
  • 16 GB ram
  • NVME 512GB SSD + 2x 3TB HDD + 250 GB HDD
  • PSU Antec Signature 850W
  • DVD-RW optical drive
  • Motherboard "Asus ROG Strix B460-G Gaming

In addition to the computer hardware, inside the case there are some other unusual devices: a video projector, an Arduino board, touch and proximity sensors and a mechanically moved “cyber-torpedo” that moves smoothly and continuously its fins.

More specifically, the devices in the case (all visible in the attached video) are:
– A videoprojector (Wowoto H8) that shows a secondary screen on a panel in the left tower, in which I have put some Phala-themed animations tha I have programmed (the animations are html5 web pages loaded in chrome full-screen on the projector. The open source code can be downloaded here: Kernel Phala animations source code (and led strips controller code for Arduino Uno) ).
– Touch and proximity sensors to power on the PC and switch lighting effects. In particular the proximity sensor changes the lighting state, only by bringing the hand 1-2cm close to a chip-shaped engraving on the left wall.
– An Arduino board that I have programmed to control all the lighting effects of the case (the open source code of the arduino board can be downloaded here: Kernel Phala animations source code (and led strips controller code for Arduino Uno) ).
– A mechanically moved “cyber-torpedo” mounted on the top area of the left tower. It is a cylinder covered by some triangular fins, that are kept in a constant oscillating movement by an electric motor.
– A polycarbonate engraved disc that, when pressed, opens and closes the tray of the optical drive.

How to get the same hardware?

The hardware of my PC is:

  • CPU Intel Core i5 10400f
  • Graphic card Nvidia GTX 1080
  • 16 GB ram
  • NVME 512GB SSD + 2x 3TB HDD + 250 GB HDD
  • PSU Antec Signature 850W
  • DVD-RW optical drive

If someone wants to duplicate my configuration must have also:

:sunglasses: Modder: Yang Zhang

Video about the Mod

Modification advantage

The creativity came from the Chinese community nicknamed Phala “Ferrari”, so i adapted it to a model car.
Look at the splendid car body and the colorful light! PHA logo as the car logo, with Gavin Wood in front of the car.
Get on the “Ferrari (PHA)” car, a steady batch!

Configuration description

  • CPU: i7 10700
  • Heat dissipation: water-cooled heat dissipation
  • Mainboard: Gigabyte h410ms2
  • Memory: ADATA 16G
  • Hard Disk: Kingston 256G solid state
  • Power: Great Wall 300w

How to buy

The hardware configuration can be selected on the Internet. The items needed for assembly can be bought online. You need tool glue, electric drill, and hand knife.