How to Obtain tPHA on Testnet Vendetta

ALERT: This operation will swap your ERC20 PHA (tradable) into tPHA (untradable). Phala added this design to prevent spam miners and fake competition in Miner Race Ranking. tPHA can’t be swapped back to ERC20 PHA. So we suggest you swap only a proper amount of tPHA.

0.1 PHA = 1,000 tPHA

  1. Go to
  2. Click Connect Wallet and it will be connected to your MetaMask Wallet (mainnet)
  3. Go to Burn Token and click Click To Burn. Sign it on your MetaMask. It may cost about 30 gwei of gas fee.
  4. Wait until it shows Success
  5. Go to Claim tokens, and paste your Phala address, and choose Click to Claim
  6. Return to to check your test tokens


To obtain a large amount of tPHA (≥10,000)

NOTE: We DO NOT suggest you obtain a large amount of tPHA before you are familiar with the whole setup procedure. The burned PHA are unretrievable and tPHA have NO VALUE other than being usable on testnet.

  1. Transfer the amount of PHA you want to burn (1 PHA = 10,000 tPHA) into 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
  2. Copy the TX hash and wait for it to be successfully transferred
  3. Go to Token, paste the TX Hash into the first line, and fill in your testnet address. Click Click to Claim.

How does one convert Vendetta tPHA into pre-mainnet PHA?