1605 Race V2 is Going to Launch on Feb 8 !

1605 Race V1 concluded at the beginning of 2021 with the successful launch of Vendetta testnet. This stress-test phase validated the Phala Network’s ability to accommodate many miners joining the network and dedicating their cores to computation tasks (peaking at 1,357 miners and nearly 5,000 cores.) This next phase will proceed to test and demonstrate matching and delivery of privacy computing tasks with miners’ TEE computing cores. When 1605 Race V2 goes live on the testnet, the computing task system will have officially launched, marking critical steps towards the launch of the Phala mainnet.


Feb 8, 2021 — March 5, 2021


100,000 PHA


  1. Run a Phala miner node according to the the tutorial.
  2. Mining points are named “:fire:Fire II” and can be mined according to the mechanics written in the Phala Roadmap and Phala Economics Whitepaper. One can earn :fire:Fire II by simply being online or by completing computing tasks randomly distributed by the Phala network. The total Online prizes (for miners online and ready to work) are equally shared by all active miners, but the Computing prizes will only be distributed to the actual task recipients according to staking amounts and associated device scores. The ratio of Online Prizes to Computing Prizes is 3: 5 (If there were 576,000 Fire II per day, there would be 216,000 distributed to all online miners and 360,000 divided to task recipients by stake and device score.)
  3. Your share of the final prize pool: the ratio of (the :fire:Fire II you own) / (the total :fire:Fire II of all devices)
  4. PHA prizes from the 1605 Race V2 will be dropped to your Phala account on pre-mainnet. Vendetta accounts can be migrated to pre-mainnet as well.
  5. You may set one Phala address as the recipient of miner profits, each miner will need a unique Phala address as a registration identity.


If 382,569 total :fire:Fire II were mined during the event and Roschach mined 31,467 :fire:Fire II , and if the final prize pool were to be 100,000 PHA, she would receive ( 31,467/ 382,569 ) * 100,000 PHA = 8225.18 PHA.

About the Computing Tasks

There are a few differences between the Vendetta testnet for 1605 Race V2 versus actual mainnet (future) functionality, which is described here:

Network Task Generation Task Quantity Stake Algorithm and parameter
Testnet (Vendetta) Simulated 5 per Round 0 PHA per Core Simplified
Mainnet Actual Demand Actual demand, at least 5 per Round To be determined Comprehensive (real-world demand)

(1 Round = 600 blocks)

  1. 50% of the rewards for each block mined will go to the TEEs
  2. Read more details of computing tasks:1.5 Introduction of 1605 Race Privacy Computing Task | Phala Network Wiki


  1. 1605 Race Real-time Ranking 1. (to be updated by Feb 8): https://poc3.phala.network/dashboard2
  2. Miner Setup: PoC-3/4 Vendetta Mining Guide | Phala Network Wiki
  3. Test token: How to Obtain tPHA on Testnet Vendetta
  4. Check your node: Polkadot Telemetry

Note that the network will be RESET before the race starts and it will be upgraded. Please re-register your miner node after the race starts and ensure your miner node is working well and has been upgraded to the latest version.