Phala App 2.0 Public Beta Test instructions

Hey pham!
We’re excited to announce that the Phala App 2.0 public beta test has officially started today!

What’s Phala App 2.0

Introduction to Test-Net

Testing Website URL:
Test network API: wss://

This test is carried out on the test network and test URL, and all your operations during the test will not have any impact on the real Phala/Khala network.

Our test network is copied from the current real Khala network, and the data on the chain is migrated from the data of the Khala block height #2781800, so the test chain will contain all the information on the block height. You can use the account you currently use on Khala for testing.

The test network does not support the registration of new workers, and will not identify whether the existing workers are online or not and give out rewards. However, operations such as start and stop can be performed on existing workers. The mortgage and transfer operations of asset classes can be tested normally.

Your interaction with the test chain is safe, but please pay attention to the custody of your account, and do not disclose your mnemonic and other information to others.

Mainpoint during the Test

Phala App 2.0 feature trial

Try to use the various function buttons on the Phala App 2.0 page, and provide us with the problems you find and your requests for more functions. Please try to use the website for this test. The development of the mobile terminal has not been fully completed, stay tuned.

Data calibration

Before starting, you can try to log in to, query the real information of the account at the height of Khala network #2781800 on it, and compare it with the current information in your account on the test-net & Phala App 2.0 to confirm whether the data migration is successful.

The data for comparison can include: asset information such as token balance in the account, delegation amount, and basic information of the StakePool and Worker managed by the account.

Feedback channel

You can report the problems you find and your other functional demands to us through:

At the same time, you can also share the problem with Core team members or Phala ambassadors in the community, and they will further convey and solve it for you.

Please note that the Google form above cannot collect pictures, so if you need to submit pictures, please send your test experience & photos to the discord or forum first, and upload the link of your shared content in the form.

Instructions for the test