📗 A Guidebook for Phala Translator-to-bes

Thank you for following Phala and joining the team of building Phala together.
Here’s a short guide for you to quickly understand how the translator program runs and how to be a part of it in 5 minutes. :)


1. :warning: 100% Google translation leads to instant ban across all Phala communities and files, forever.
2. Your translation should be close to the original texts and easy-to-read, at least.
3. You can write your own article and translate them to claim double rewards if they are quality enough.
4. Please DO NOT translate any article that is not on Trello. If you want to translate larger files (such as whitepaper or wiki), please inform the team and negotiate with the rewards before starting.

Languages we accept

We do value the enthusiasm to spread the concepts of Web3.0 to every corner across the world, but writers need readers as well. :) Thus Phala currently only accept translations works of the target languages below :point_down:

Russian, Spanish, French, Vietnam, Turkish, Persian, Korean, Germany, Italian

Still, you can help to start a new language of docs by filling this form. If there were more than 20 applications to add a certain language, Phala will start to recruit translators for it, and translation works can be rewarded as well.

Add a new language to Phala community →

How to Apply

Fill in this form:


lucia from Phala team will reach you out whether you are in or not. :)
Once you are in, you will be invited to Phala translator group and the Trello board where you will be updated with the latest tasks.

Learn about Phala

  • Medium
  • Github wiki
  • Twitter

Return of translation

Translators will receive a stable PHA return regarding what type of translation he or she completed and how many words of them are translated.

The price of PHA will be settled according to the average closing price of this week.

Jack translated a $40/1k-words tech article which is over 2,000 words, and the ave price of PHA that week is $0.1122, he would receive

40*2/0.1122 = 712.012 PHA (equal to $80)

Genre Published on Return / 1k words Time-cost Difficulty Case
Messages/Posts Telegram/Reddit/Twitter/Discord $5 low low Telegram: Contact @phala_network
ANN/Tutorial/Wiki Meidum/Github $15 Medium Medium How to Claim Your PHA Reward · Phala-Network/phala-docs Wiki · GitHub
Comments/Recap/Article Medium $15~$25 High Medium Introducing Phala Dark Wallet: The Seed of the Age of Blockchain Privacy | by Phala Network | Phala Network | Medium
Tech-related Medium $40~$60 High High On-chain Privacy Protection: Never Absent | by Phala Network | Phala Network | Medium

How to claim tasks

  1. Go to Building Phala Together
  2. Choose a task that you think you can handle it from the Translation list; and please do make sure you can submit your translation before the due date
  3. Write a comment with “Claim, your language”(if there’s anyone of the same language has claimed it you will not be able to claim it again)
  4. Leave the link of your work below once you are finished and published on Medium or Phala forum
  5. Fill in your links into the Google Sheet below :point_down:

Where to publish and spread

Publish your content at least in local Medium and Phala’s Forum with any account you want. More high quality media you publish more rewards to get.

Spread your article to local Telegram and Discord so that local fans can read it. If you are in other communities, it’s better to send the article there.

Check your rewards

Record: After publishing, you have to record one link in Trello, and relevant information in Google Form so that we can count the rewards. Just attach one link with the same article.

How to claim PHA

Please check How To Claim Your PHA Reward

How to quit your task

Delete your comment on the card and that will be fine. :)



Medium Local Publication

French | Spanish | Russia | Italia | Vietnam | Turkish

Telegram Local Group

French | Spanish | Russia | Italia | Vietnam | Turkish


French | Spanish | Russia | Italia | Vietnam | Turkish


French | Spanish | Russia | Italia | Vietnam | Turkish

If you have any other question, feel free to leave them done below, or send it to :point_down:

How to use Notion to quickly start translation

  1. Go to https://www.notion.so/product
  2. Sign Up or Login
  3. Go to https://www.notion.so/Phala-Vendetta-Mining-Guide-a220a9b508204e70ae75ef0a335bf906 (or other links in the future)
  4. Click Duplicate at the upper right


  1. Now it’s duplicated and you can edit every module as you like. :)