Wall of Honor๐ŸŽ–๐ŸŽ– For Code Bounty Hunters

Dear Phamilies:

We have the greatest bounty hunters in our community, they make something special for us, this a place showing what they contribute :clap:

It pleases us when more outstanding developers join us as Bounty Hunters. This latest has met their bounty task brilliantly and efficiently, with results exceeding our expectations. These are great contributions to the Phala codebase!

We introduce to you the newest hunter in our tribe!

All hunters will be kept posting under this topic and recorded in the Google sheet. Keep Updating...

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:medal_military:The 1st code bounty hunter is @l00k from Discord.

:sunglasses: Hunter: l00k
:gift: Bounty: 300USD (PHA)

l00k made a very useful mining monitor for miners. Miners can check their miner score, state, commission, stake, last rewards, last extrinsics. Besides public data monitoring you can also monitor device state like: CPU temp, Stack status (node / pruntime / phost containers).

:point_right: Details: [ Long Term] Phala Code Bounties - #3 ็”ฑ l00k
:ledger: Author: @l00k

:medal_military:A new code bounty hunter is @Kevdez from Github.

:male_detective: Hunter: kevdez
:gift: Bounty: 1.4112DOT

(due to the excellent completion of the task, extra 10% extra bounty awarded!)

Bounty task and solution: Bad cross-section next page button link in the current theme
Phala set the bounty on April 14th; @kevdez submitted a working solution in less than 20 hours. They sorted out the Phala Wiki directory logic and provided a fix for the relationship between parent set / subsets and resulting auto-generated page numbering issues. | PR link

:heart: We also received helpful information and responsive communication from @nathanjesse , and thank him for his help!

:medal_military:A new code bounty hunter is @Tarnyko from Github.

:sunglasses: Hunter: Tarnyko
:gift: Bounty: 5 USD (PHA)

Update README: pRuntime & general fixes
  1. pRuntime has been merged, fix mentions and paths
  2. Some missing steps (macOS, SGX SDK, WebUI)

:point_right: Details: Update README: pRuntime & general fixes by Tarnyko ยท Pull Request #192 ยท Phala-Network/phala-blockchain ยท GitHub