Already answered you in DM.
But thing I didn’t found here - how he / she stole keys from you? You only wrote “hackers used illegal means to invade my computer and server”.
Do you know exactly how? It may help others.

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I still don’t get how they get access to your devices?
Someone enter place where you store devices and modified mining software?

First, sorry for your loss.

Please be aware that Khala Community has already voted for “Nay” for a similar proposal before:

And you can’t prove how is exactly your key is “stolen” now:

  • What is the “monitor” you mentioned? Phala runtime bridge?
  • If so, everyone is using GitHub - Phala-Network/runtime-bridge now, what’s the security reason that your script in your equipment and servers are “hacked”? Any track log?

Please explain these details first, so that we can have a further governance discussion. Because without these prooves, anyone can say my assets is “hacked”. And Before that, I wont vote “Aye” on this type of proposal.

Thank you!

Why it was deleted?
Was it resolved?


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