🀄 TRANSLATOR WANTED: Sino-English Bilingual Translation

Building Phala Together

We’ve published Phala Watchman Program for some time, and there have been dozens of contributors joining this Program and started building Phala community with their talents and intelligence. Phala now has 7 local communities (Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Chinese), and core contributors are connected with over 7,000 members. If you love privacy and Web3.0 vision as much as do, please join us. :)


  1. Value Phala and Phala community, concerning blockchain and Polkadot ecosystem for more than 1 month.
  2. Fluent in English and Chinese (written language)
  3. Have some spare time other than your main job

Get started

drop your translation work before to @ylylenlen in https://t.me/phalanetwork


Your work might be slightly different from the translators of other languages but your return would be the same as the quests on Phala public Trello.

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