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Notes of AMA answered by Marvin & Antonia:

1. About POC 3, Will the same Phala and ETH addresses be allowed as last time, or this time 1 node can have 1 unique phala address and one unique ETH?

In poc3 incentive programs, prize PHAs will not be “distributed” but will be “minded”. The amount of the prize PHA you gain will be according to your mining points (it would be a competition like Filecoin Space Race ). Still we are discussing the details and planning to launch an incentiveless version before November. And no worry there will be tutorials.

2. Phala is a crypto project about maintaining privacy, confidentiality of personal data, how does PHA respond to other communities, other projects or people who challenge privacy?

The thing is we are the ones challenging the traditional side, not the ones to be challenged. :joy:

We are expanding partnership with Polkadot ecosystem projects (as you can see on our Medium), also we are building developer community through dev events.

Before turning to be the infrastructure serving the whole human society, we will try to make it as a Polkadot parachain serving the Polkadot ecosystem.

And when it comes to the “challenging” issue, we think it takes time. You can’t accuse Mark Zackburg and force him to use Web3.0 products, neither can you force users to change their favorite apps into Web3.0 products. We need a stronger ecosystem, no matter for privacy believers or blockchain believers, with more popular products attracting more users (like really a lot of users), before you talk about “challenging” the age of Web2.0.

3. Are you a competitor to ‘Secret Network’? How are you different from them? by @cryptocraziman

Phala and Secret Network have different architecture and focus. As a Polkadot Parachain, Phala focus more on contract level composability, cross-chain interoperability and the Web3 ecosystem. Instead of migrating to our blockchian, we’d like to see others just use our functionality and get their work done. We believe this is the way to scale out and to benefit everyone.

Good question #1

China is regulating crypto, do you guys/girls have any worries about that? Can all this affect Phala/Polka? I see alot of development on polka coming for Asia.

by zelez0 fe from Phala Telegram

Indeed many people are worried about this issue. But Phala is not a centralized network. What we need to focus on now is to perfect the project and our product as we can and improve the workflow of decentralization. Permissionless and decentralized protocols are unstoppable.

– Marvin, CEO of Phala